Replacing Gmail

Google has been at it again... Over the past few days, I've been noticing that some (not all) of my Gmail filters have suddenly stopped working. The thing that makes that really interesting is that Read more [...]
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Google’s True Nature?

Over on How-To Geek, I found an article about some unwanted installation of software by Google (via a so-called "Side Load" from a Picasa installation). I found this quote interesting: Applications that Read more [...]
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Road-Shopping Again

Things have suddenly gotten exciting. Since the end of my last contract, things have been pretty slow. Until a couple of weeks ago, when there was a small uptick in recruiter activity. I did have an offer from a company in Nebraska, but it did not seem to me to be a good fit, and the contract arrangements seemed to me to be a little strange, so I turned it down. After that, I got lots of contract submissions, but only a handful of actual interviews. Read more [...]
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W00t! Landed a Teaching Gig!

Last week, I got the opportunity to teach a C++11 New Features class for a high-profile client of TekSystems. I had almost forgotten how much I enjoy teaching technical short courses! Starting about Read more [...]
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Subtle Changes to Gmail

Since I've been a fairly heavy user of Gmail, I have had occasion to notice some subtle changes. It wasn't all that long ago that you could only log into one Gmail account at a time. Apparently, there Read more [...]
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Once Again, Screwed by Google

I am now actively weaning myself off of dependence on any Google service, including Gmail. Read more [...]
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Bye-bye, HostGator

Not long ago, I write this article praising HostGator. Up until that point, I had no personal reason not to like them. I knew that they had been (silently) taken over by EIG, and I had been warned Read more [...]
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