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Edit 13Jan13: When I first wrote this article, I did not really expect Dukeo to mention it in his blog, so I’m quite flattered. However, as he pointed out, the contest review doesn’t really start until the second half, so if you only want to see what I have to say about Dukeo, skip to the heading below that reads “Dukeo Review.”

There are two basic ways to increase the amount of wealth you have:

  1. Save more money.
  2. Make more money.

In the 2nd category, you have several options, such as working overtime, finding a part-time job, or (my choice) running a business. I actually run several businesses, but I am a relative newcomer to the realm of online marketing.

If you are trying to make extra money with an online business, you have no doubt been bombarded with hype from Internet marketers (IM’ers) in the “How to make money on the Internet” niche — you know, the ones who want you to send them money to learn how they make money on the Internet (DOH!).

I have probably spent way too much of my time reading that hype, but I have come away with a handful of resources in that “niche” that seem to be pretty reliable. In no particular order, they are:

  • Rosalind Gardner.  Rosalind first of the affiliate marketers I ran across several years ago.
  • Martin Avis. Martin gets most of his income from writing newsletters, a model that I have tried with mixed results so far. I have been a subscriber to his newsletter since 2005. I have purchased (and use) his Ezine-Academy as well as his KISS video series.
  • Shane Melaugh. I learned about Shane from Martin, and I made pretty good use of his Backlink Battleplan product (now discontinued because it’s mostly outdated).
  • Sarah Staar. Sarah is another IM’er that Martin introduced. She recently got married, but I’m guessing she will continue to use the name Staar, since she is pretty well-known already. Sarah is really interesting in that her approach to Internet marketing is heavily influenced by her severe dyslexia.
  • Paul Evans. Paul has a down-to-earth approach to teaching Internet marketing. In particular, he emphasizes that Internet marketing can be done in many different ways.
  • Gideon Shalwick. Gideon is an interesting character whom I have followed for some time. His site is full of tips and tricks for the mechanics of how to produce video quickly and easily.

Of the folks in that list, the only person from whom I have actually bought any major (over $100) products from is Martin. His long-running newsletter is a classic example of how to build credibility and trust.

However, this post started out to be a review of a relatively new name in the business,

Dukeo Review

Stephane Kerwer, who writes a blog entitled “Dukeo” about how to make a living online. Stephane has got to be one of the most prolific bloggers I have run across in the IM niche. He posts not just daily, but several times daily.

While this blog does seem to be a pretty straight play in the IM niche, the articles are somewhat more informative and less hype-y than most of the entries in that genre. He claims that most of his income is from affiliate marketing, and offers free e-books on SEO and traffic generation. The free e-books are a more-or-less standard ploy to get you to sign up for his list, which I have done already. Once you sign up, you get a chance to download the signup bonus e-books, plus a link to a 7000-word blog post on “How to Start a Blog.” Interestingly, the main monetization strategy on that post appears to be a Hostgator affiliate link. (I use three different hosting companies, for SEO reasons. This blog is on Hostgator, and I have others on BlueHost. I run a few of my sites that need higher performance on HostPCI.) He also has affiliate links for a domain registration company, and a paid theme. (I use Texas-Domains for my domain registrations, and so far, I have gotten by with free themes available through

Any rate, his latest ploy to get more traffic to his site is a review contest with a $200 prize. It’s not really clear from his update, but I think he’s giving away two separate prizes of $200 each, in return for a 200+ word review. One prize is for “best review” (in his opinion), and the other is a random drawing. Sounds a bit like my — not very successful — sweepstakes that I ran for my site, but his will probably have more success because it’s simpler and in a more lucrative niche. As you might guess, this post is an entry in that contest.

Interestingly, he did not mention anything about how much traffic the review sites should have. Since this one doesn’t get much traffic at all (yet), I’m guessing my site will get more benefit from the contest than his!

I am a bit skeptical about pretty much anyone in the IM niche, so I will reserve final judgment on Dukeo until I have followed for a while, and had a chance to at least skim his “bonus” e-books.

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