In the top 10% of LinkedIn?

LinkedInThis morning, I was greeted with an email from LinkedIn (it does look like it really came from there) informing me that I have “one of the top 10% most viewed LinkedIn profiles for 2012.”

I haven’t decided yet if I should be impressed. LinkedIn currently claims 200,000,000 members, so that puts me in the top 20,000,000 or so. I couldn’t help but notice that they omitted any mention of exactly how many times my profile was viewed, or by how many unique viewers, but I’m guessing it was in the low 100’s, and mostly active headhunters.

Which means that there are at least 180,000,000 or so profiles on which get very few views, if any at all.

Maybe I should just take whatever fame I can get.

So far, I have not responded to any of the emails I get from LinkedIn (about 4 times a week) urging me to “try LinkedIn Premium.” In fact, I now have those filtered to the bit bucket. I tend to lump this sort of thing together with my Klout score, the traffic volume to this site (which is actually higher than I expected, but that’s probably due to recruiters searching for resumes), and the number of Twitter followers I have, none of which is exceedingly impressive. There is probably some other metric of status out there that I am neglecting, if not several. I’m just having trouble caring much about that. For instance, not only do I not know what my Klout score is, I’m not even curious enough to go look it up.

If I was convinced that any of those status metrics were actually useful or important, I would be willing to put some effort into enhancement of my status, but my impression that all of this status metric activity is just a bunch of noisy marketers trying to get my attention. It’s a bit silly.

I suspect that all you get from any of these metrics of fame is the bragging right that “I’m Special.”

Just like everyone else.

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