My Klout Score Went UP!

Klout ScoreI dimly remember signing up for Klout sometime last year. Somebody told me it was some useful metric of something or other, and that it was some sort of measure of my “fame” on the internet. After I set it up, and saw that it wanted into essentially every social media account I had (and several that I didn’t), I promptly lost interest.

This week, I got a congratulatory email informing me that my Klout score had increased. I looked at the Klout page and saw that my Klout score had reached the lofty value of 41.01. All of which was based solely on my Facebook activity, the only social media account I had linked to Klout.

Yeah, whoopie. I really don’t know whether I should be impressed with myself. It feels a bit like the “Flying Fickle Finger of Fate” award.

OK, maybe the FFFoF is before your time. Google it. Better yet, “Bing” it (Bing seems to be getting higher quality results for most of my searches).

I guess I’m a candidate for Klout For Dummies. Provided that I should decide it is worth my time.

Is Klout something to which I should pay attention, or it is just another mutual admiration society run by an outfit that wants to market me?

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