Cry me a River

KloutAndFacebookGot another notice from the FFFoF bunch (Klout) today, whining about not being able to get more information on me for a while.

Recently, our systems haven’t been able to access the Facebook account you’ve linked to Klout. As a result, your Facebook activity is not contributing to your Klout Score right now.

You might not have logged into Klout using Facebook in a while. A day after clicking “Reconnect” below, your Facebook activity will contribute to your Klout Score again.

Interestingly, I see that this notice is addressed to “Lion Howard,” which is how my FB page was originally set up. “Lion” refers to my membership in the Plano Early Lions Club, not to my name or any other titles. I saw that it was a source of confusion, so I changed it to refer to just my name nearly a year ago.

Given my deep concern (not) about my Klout score, I don’t plan to do anything about this unless somebody can show me how using Klout can make me more money.

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