Google Voice Malfunctions. Again.

GoogleNotFoundAbout a year back, anyone calling my Google Voice number got a message saying that the number was disconnected and no longer in service. That lasted for about a week, and to this day, I have no idea whether I missed any really important phone calls. Fortunately, I had a backup VoIP service, VoicePulse. Unlike Google Voice, Voicepulse has a customer service department, and their customer service is actually responsive.

Today, I got a call from a recruiter, and the transcription from GV (which is usually close enough to get a gist, even if somewhat humorous) that was garbled beyond recognition. When I went to listen to it, I got the error display seen in the partial screenshot shown at the top left.

Since there is no support department at Google, and this is probably a foreshadowing of more grief to come soon, I changed the number on my resume to my VoicePulse number. It’s probably overdue, but I guess I need to quit using my GV number completely.

When it is really important, don’t use Google. For anything.

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