Goodbye Feedly, Hello BazQux

bazquxlogoI mentioned back in March that I didn’t really care much for Feedly. Since that time, I tried a few other RSS readers before stumbling across BazQux. The thing that I like most about BazQux was that it strongly resembled the old Google Reader, and despite my lack of love for Google, I had become used to the GR layout and functionality. The thing I like least about BazQux is that it does not have an Android app (and the apps that support BazQux don’t seem to work well).

BazQux is a paid service (the yearly fee is a fleabite at $9/year, but you can voluntarily pay more) with a free 30-day trial. I signed up for the 30-day trial, and imported my Google Reader “takeout” which took less time to import than it did to find where I put the takeout file.

At the end of the free trial, I paid for a year. Too bad the developer doesn’t have an affiliate program. Probably doesn’t really want to grow that fast, and the service is good enough to recommend anyway.

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