Gas Prices in Tulsa Break Pattern

GasInTulsaTo the right is a snapshot of the price of a gallon of gas as of Thurday¬†evening. I seriously considered stopping and filling up, but the tank was still over half full…

The price pattern, at least since I arrived back in June of this year, has been a very gradual drop in price, usually a penny every day or two, over a period of maybe a week, sometimes a little longer, always followed by a very sharp increase of anywhere from 10 cents to 40 cents overnight, then back to a gradual decline. This cycle has repeated several times over the last 6 months. Which is something I regard as a bit fishy.

Sure enough, the next morning, it jumped to $1.77. But then something strange happened. On Saturday, it dropped to $1.72, which is the point at which I finally filled up. Sunday, it was down to $1.70. Today, it dropped to $1.64.

That is a much faster drop than any I have seen since I started to notice the pattern.

I wonder what is different this time…

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