You Arrogant Ass! You’ve Killed US!

This week, one of the most arrogant assholes in all of politics announced to the world the launch response time of the US nuclear force.

How serious is that?

During WW II, US Congressman Andrew “Loose Lips” May┬ávisited Pearl Harbor for a top-secret briefing where he learned that US submarine losses were very light because the Japanese did not know how deep US subs could actually go. Upon return to the mainland, Congressman Loose Lips held a press conference announcing that little classified fact.

The Japanese were carefully monitoring US news reports. Upon learning about their little miscalculation, the Japanese Navy started setting their depth charges deeper. Not surprisingly, we started losing more subs to Japanese depth charges. It is estimated that Congressman Loose Lips directly caused the loss of 10 subs and the lives of 800 men.

I have handled classified material as part of my job on several occasions. I doubt that I actually learned anything that is really all that sensitive, and most (if not all) of the information I came in contact with is obsolete, but I was given (several times) the standard briefing on safeguarding secrets. In those briefings was always the warning that even if a small disclosure was not by itself damaging to security, the enemies of our country were very capable of piecing together bits and pieces of information from different sources to come up with information that was potentially damaging.

I can’t even imagine that Hillary The Traitor did not get any of those security briefings. Maybe she slept through them, but IMNSHO, she’s just an arrogant asshole who thinks that laws are only for the peasants.

One might have thought that after the revelation of Hillary’s mishandling of classified information using unsecured email (a crime for which any non-Clinton would have been sent to┬áprison), that she would at least be a little more careful.

But no.

She has informed the entire world about the exact amount of time foreign operatives have to kill the handful of people with the launch codes.

The title of this post is from “The Hunt for Red October.”

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