It was Never About Kavanaugh

It’s been a while since I posted here; I started to post this on Flakebook, but then it occurred to me that using my own blog would make it more difficult for Zuckerburg to “quality filter,” er, censor, me (found out yesterday that I can’t post anything using the words “gynocentric” or “hypergamous” in it — just got an error message until I removed both words from the post, so I just deleted that post).

Plus, on my own “vanity” page, I can format a post the way I want, and link where I want.

So, here goes…

Personally, I don’t much like Bret Kavanaugh, because he’s weak on the 4th Amendment. “Weak” might be an understatement. If the Leftists had used that as their main attack, they might have actually prevailed, and we might have gotten a better choice on the next round.

OTOH, the Leftists would have had to pretend that they supported the 4th amendment (they don’t). That would make them look stupid, because the hypocrisy would be obvious (to anyone but a Leftist). But it would have made the RINOs look even more stupid, because it would have exposed the fact that they don’t really care about the 4th amendment, either. They would have to claim it wasn’t really that much of an issue (it is), or that Kavanaugh wasn’t really anti-4th (he is), or make up some other equally hollow defense.

That mode of attack would have been much more effective than just behaving like a bunch of turd-flinging monkeys. But the Leftists aren’t that smart. They are just bullies. The 11th-hour use of a psychotic liar who couldn’t even come up with a consistent version of her own lies underlines the “not that smart” part.

Plus, it was never about Kavanaugh. It was (still is) about Trump.

My main consolation is that Kavanaugh beats anything the Clinton Crime Syndicate would have come up with. And who knows, he might actually switch over to supporting the 4th after he is on the SCOTUS. Other appointees have made dramatic swings after getting their spot on the bench.

One can hope.

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