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Edit 7 November 2020: This was originally a contest entry, written in 2013 However, the person who ran the contest no longer wishes to be associated with the brand he was using. While I have no idea why, I am honoring his request to delete mention of him or his brand. Too bad, I guess — I was really impressed with the guy.

There are two basic ways to increase the amount of wealth you have:

  1. Save more money.
  2. Make more money.

In the 2nd category, you have several options, such as working overtime, finding a part-time job, or (my choice) running a business. I actually run several businesses, but I am a relative newcomer to the realm of online marketing.

If you are trying to make extra money with an online business, you have no doubt been bombarded with hype from Internet marketers (IM’ers) in the “How to make money on the Internet” niche — you know, the ones who want you to send them money to learn how they make money on the Internet (DOH!).

I have probably spent way too much of my time reading that hype, but I have come away with a handful of resources in that “niche” that seem to be pretty reliable. In no particular order, they are:

  • Rosalind Gardner.  Rosalind is one of the first of the affiliate marketers I ran across several years ago.
  • Martin Avis. Martin gets most of his income from writing newsletters, a model that I have tried with mixed results so far. I have been a subscriber to his newsletter since 2005. I have purchased (and use) his Ezine-Academy as well as his KISS video series.
  • Shane Melaugh. I learned about Shane from Martin, and I made pretty good use of his Backlink Battleplan product (now discontinued because it’s mostly outdated).
  • Sarah Staar. Sarah is another IM’er that Martin introduced. She recently got married, but I’m guessing she will continue to use the name Staar, since she is pretty well-known already. Sarah is really interesting in that her approach to Internet marketing is heavily influenced by her severe dyslexia.
  • Paul Evans. Paul has a down-to-earth approach to teaching Internet marketing. In particular, he emphasizes that Internet marketing can be done in many different ways.
  • Gideon Shalwick. Gideon is an interesting character whom I have followed for some time. His site is full of tips and tricks for the mechanics of how to produce video quickly and easily.

Of the folks in that list, there are two from whom I have actually bought any major (over $100) products: Martin Avis and Sarah Staar. Martin’s long-running newsletter is a classic example of how to build credibility and trust. Sarah mostly teaches affiliate marketing.

This post started out to be a review of a relatively new name in the business, but I have been requested by that marketer to remove my review, even though it was favorable.

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