Last (?) Opportunity of a Lifetime

Unfortunately, the company founded by Dr. Parazinski formally ceased operation in March of this year (2023). I knew the risks associated with working for a high-tech startup going in, but I was still disappointed when the company went thump. It was a challenging position, and I got to work with some world-class engineers. I hope that they are able to make a fresh start, although that does not currently appear likely.

As for me, I had a short stint of contracting in the defense industry, but that got cut short due to a budget axe. I understand that L3H is once again hiring, but I have moved on to another role, as an employee of a large company in Arizona. This appears to be my dream job, writing embedded software, and I expect to retire here after 4 to 5 years, probably to teach violin lessons if that is practical. I have some other interests I would like to pursue then, but for now, I will be concentrating on my “sunset” position. I would like to finish on a high note.

Since I expect this to be my last assignment, I have quit updating my resume. I haven’t yet made the decision to delete my LinkedIn account, but if that Microsoft-owned site continues on its current “woke” trajectory, I expect that I will no longer use it. I have ceased to use sites like, but I still get inquiries from recruiters who have gotten woefully out of date information from those sites. It appears that Monster makes a lot of money by selling out-of-date information.

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