About Me

Headshot My primary skills are Linux, C, and C++, although I have written software using several other languages and environments. I worked mostly with Windows 7 & 10 over the last decade, but I am now back to using Linux. Click here if you wish to see my resume.

I retired from my full-time position at FlightSafety International after 6 years, in March of 2021. At the time I started there, I only intended to stay for 4 years, and retire in mid-2019. They persuaded me to stay on a bit longer.

After my “retirement,” I returned to Texas, and I’m currently contracting for Lockheed-Martin. At LM, I got the opportunity to return to using my favorite OS (Linux), although with my least-favorite distro (CentOS/RH). I will soon have the opportunity to learn VxWorks. My current contract runs through the end of February 2022, and I hope that I get an extension.

I am also a violinist (my first W2 job was with the El Paso Symphony, while still in high school), and I teach violin and viola lessons in my home studio.

I am a Navy veteran. In the Navy, I was an Electronics Technician, and a Reactor Operator.

Other: I have waited tables, managed a restaurant, washed dishes, sacked groceries, dug ditches, picked cotton, moved furniture, operated construction machinery, been a high-school substitute teacher, worked as a chemist making analytical standards for X-ray florescence analysis, and taught in a community college. But for the past 50 years, my main occupation has been writing software.

You might wonder if there is anything I haven’t┬ádone. Well, I’ve never stood on a street corner with a cardboard sign that says “Will work for food.” I have also never been on food stamps.


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