I’ve been meaning to try writing a useful complete program in Python for some time now, having read about it, and having spent some time figuring out what another programmer was doing in Python. I finally Read more […]

Sequence Error

My current client has an internal mailing list that is used for all sorts of things, from advice on local businesses (and which to avoid) to selling or giving away stuff (similar to Craigslist). Yesterday, Read more […]

“Do No Evil”

I got an email from the “Do No Evil” company today, welcoming me to “Inbox” — and assuring me that “Inbox” wasn’t something that was intended to replace Gmail as we know it. Among a few other items in Read more […]

Road-Shopping Again

Things have suddenly gotten exciting. Since the end of my last contract, things have been pretty slow. Until a couple of weeks ago, when there was a small uptick in recruiter activity. I did have an offer from a company in Nebraska, but it did not seem to me to be a good fit, and the contract arrangements seemed to me to be a little strange, so I turned it down. After that, I got lots of contract submissions, but only a handful of actual interviews.